About us

The place where we train, we test and surpass our limits.

"The bour's challenge" description

Born from the idea to be as close to nature as possible, our training camp blends elements from challenging obstacle race courses with the peaceful silence of beautiful landscapes which you will surely enjoy during a weekend’s day.

We welcome you with over 20 obstacles scattered along 2 mountain running trails, that will challenge you in the most unexpected ways.

With us you will overcome your fears and get to the next level.

A team of professionals, always smiling and at your service, is ready to transform your mountain experience in a truly memorable one.

Furthermore, you can relax with your buddies in a scenic mountain hut near the Ciucaş Mountains, where you can go hiking, play team games or get your children to our camp.

Take your friends and let’s have fun and a great time together!

Why us?

Did you decide that you need a change, do you seek help and guidance to shift things in your life? We are here for you!

We have experienced coaches, tried & tested training programs and dietary plans under the supervision of a nutritionist.

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